Business Continuity Announcement

March 16, 2020

Cherished Partners and Clients,

In light of the recent developments surrounding COVID-19, Resource Royalty is implementing policies designed to mitigate operational risk and ensure the safety, health, and well-being of our clients, partners, and employees. We will continue to provide premium service and manage diligently the assets you have entrusted with us.

    • From an internal perspective, beginning March 16th, 2020, Resource Royalty will implement “social-distancing” policies for employees as a precautionary measure to prevent an outbreak that disrupts the Firm’s operations. This change in the business process will not affect portfolio management responsibilities. Our teams are fully equipped with the resources, technology, and necessary tools to work as usual from off-site locations. Some staff will continue to operate from our headquarters.
    • Client distributions will not be affected by recent events. Our accounting and land departments will continue typical responsibilities, and remittance of future quarterly distributions will continue as scheduled.
    • On an ongoing basis, we are assessing the potential economic and market impacts from COVID-19, and will be providing strategic commentary on the possible effect on Resource Royalty portfolios.
    • We are requesting that our employees reduce their non-essential business travel or exposure to large gatherings. We are, of course, taking client needs and commitments into consideration, granting exceptions as appropriate.
    • I am pleased to announce that we just received notification that two of our portfolios have had three new wells permitted to be drilled and an additional four wells were filed for drilling.

We appreciate your continued confidence in our Firm and will continue to keep you updated with any changes. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Thank you again for your support,

Bob Howard
Founder and President

Investor Relations
(214) 691-5234

Broker-Dealer Contact

Michael Faciana
(913) 901-6812


Resource Royalty

With decades of industry experience, and a proven track record, Resource Royalty utilizes the real estate approach to energy investing by structuring highly strategic and diversified mineral and royalty investment portfolios for accredited investors.

Investors are presented with a high quality asset similar to those held by some of the largest endowments in the country. This unique opportunity allows for expanding the revenue focus to more than just brick-and-mortar real estate. The strategy utilizes well established royalty properties in a proven 1031 tax free exchange scenario. Clients enjoy the benefit of income generating, subsurface real estate which is located in the most active oil basins in the country. This results in a royalty income stream from the some of the largest oil and gas companies in the U.S.

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